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Diplo and Dillon Francis at Ultra Music Festival 2013 | Rukes

    Diplo and Dillon Francis at Ultra Music Festival 2013 Rukes

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Under the Electric Sky

    Under the Electric Sky

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EDM and Porter Robinson blog


    EDM and Porter Robinson blog

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  8. djstefisfaced said: omfg i hate it when places make me take off candy! my bf just tried to make me stop going to raves and i almost dumped his ass. we're having a fight right now in fact. thanks for the awesome blog, its making me feel like im at a rave and not with my stupid bf lol

    Aw thank so much! :) relationships can def have their ups and downs, my bf hates it when I go raved out to places without him, but it’s just how I do haha has he ever gone to one with you? I don’t see how someone could not like raving haha

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  9. Fucking house of blues wouldn’t let me wear kandi, my spirit hood, or my gloves….if feed me wasn’t so amazing I’d probably be pissed.

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Noa KnafoThe Gate of Knowledge


    Noa Knafo
    The Gate of Knowledge

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